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World Street Painting Festival is an annual festival featuring international artists.

What is street painting? A street painting is a chalk drawing, a work of art, on a sidewalk or plaza created live in front of you. In it, the process of creation and the image is central.

Street painting is a perfect way to communicate a theme or art in the city to a wide audience in an accessible way.

In 3D street painting, the audience can take a seat and be part of the illusion. Photography of people in different poses in the artworks provides interaction with the art form and surprising pictures!


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What happens

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We want to be able to involve artists at different stages of their careers in our festival. The master and apprentice method was used successfully in the Middle Ages to transfer professional knowledge. The success of this formula lies in stimulating the self-learning ability of people. With this, the festival takes on the role of a production (house) square. In addition to the International master, 3D and 4D artists, an apprentice class will be set up for regional artists, academy students and street painters in the making. In addition, the playing field will be strengthened with a community class; for anyone who wants to join in drawing and putting the art on the street. From amateur to semiprof. All street paintings will be juxtaposed so that cross-pollination occurs and people can learn from each other.

world street painting

In recent years, thousands of visitors have watched the street painters live at work. In 2014, 2015 and in 2016, the festival evolved into a summer exhibition in public spaces. Previous editions of World Street Painting Festival featured the theme of Freedom, WWII (2014), Van Gogh (2015), The Olympics (2016), Nature (2017) and in honor of the fifth anniversary in 2019; Celebrate Art. In 2019, the theme was Music. 2021 was all about history and the future with Now Meets Then and in 2022 the theme was Women’s World Volleyball Championship. 

Why? World Street Painting Foundation organizes the festival to make the city more beautiful and bring art, which refers to current events, to all types of people in an accessible way.

world street painting


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