meet the



Chris Carlson is a professional street painter from Denver, Colorado. Chris specializes in anamorphic 3D artwork and has been practicing this artform in cities around the country for over 12


Nate is a street painter, muralist and fine artist based in Chicago, USA. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where his


Naomi Haverland‘s lifelong passion for art has led her to become an expert in both large-scale murals and street paintings, which she has been creating since 2011. Her unique style


Fabio started making art in 1993 after studying architecture in Venice and joined CCAM, the main association for street artists in Italy, as “Maestro Madonnaro” in Grazie di Curtatone and

The Netherlands

Rianne has always had a passion for drawing and painting, and she also loves entrepreneurship. She is making her dreams come true as a street artist. In the summer of


Jean-Marc Navello began his career as an Art Director at an advertising agency. He later continued as a designer for movie posters, which introduced him to and discovered his passion


As the granddaughter of painter Bernd Gagel and Eleonore Gagel (Guinther), Melina Berg was interested in painting, drawing and the world of colors from an early age. Under the guidance

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kerim is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. He enjoys traditional and digital art the most. Since childhood what Kerim much engaged in art. As a


Roberto Carlos from Guadalupe, Mexico travels the world with his art. From the Netherlands to France or America, his signature is everywhere. He loves to collaborate with artists to improve


Jan Riggins is an artist from Fort Worth, Texas in the United States. Although she earned a degree in clarinet performance from the University of Oklahoma, her love of performing


Canaco Matsumoto is a unique Japanese Madonnara artist living in Tokyo, Japan. She accidentally fell in love with street painting in 2006 when she went to Florence to study interior


Marion Ruthardt is an artist from Germany. It started for her with a love for 2D chalk-art. Today she specializes in 3D street art, with which she flies around the