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Joplin has transformed into a mesmerizing canvas of 3D street art, and it was fantastic! The city streets came alive with stunning creations that blurred the line between reality and imagination.

Join us now and marvel at these incredible artworks. This is just the beginning of an extraordinary three-year journey. Experience the magic of street art in Joplin!

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Chris: “My painting is about the freedom of the open road. The people can reach forward and grab the handlebars and have an American adventure.” Nate: “My painting is about

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The Cornell Complex is the ideal spot to immerse yourself in the magic of 3D Street Painting in downtown Joplin. In collaboration with the Joplin City Council and Visit Joplin,

Route 66 Centennial

Mark your calendars for 2026 because we’re gearing up for a huge celebration: the Route 66 Centennial! But the fun begins even earlier with the World Street Painting Festival’s 3D

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Chris Carlson is a professional street painter from Denver, Colorado. Chris specializes in anamorphic 3D artwork and has been practicing this artform in cities around the country for over 12


Nate is a street painter, muralist and fine artist based in Chicago, USA. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where his


Naomi Haverland‘s lifelong passion for art has led her to become an expert in both large-scale murals and street paintings, which she has been creating since 2011. Her unique style

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