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Building the biggest 3D experience in Joplin: A three-year journey begins

Joplin is getting ready to become a top spot for 3D street art, starting in 2024 with a big plan led by World Street Painting. The city will turn into a stunning display of optical illusions and immersive artworks.

This year, it all begins with an amazing display of 3D art that goes beyond the usual, inviting everyone to dive into the magic of height, width, and depth and become part of the street art.

In 2025, Joplin will host its first-ever international festival, welcoming ten of the world’s best street artists to show off their incredible talent. The next year, the city will burst with even more colour as twenty new 3D artworks pop up, drawing people in to enjoy the cool perspective tricks.

Jump to 2026, a huge year marking the 100th anniversary of Route 66. Joplin will be the centre of attention with a mind-blowing 3D experience. Artists from around the world will gather here, leaving their mark inspired by the famous Mother Road, creating a spectacle that will wow both locals and tourists alike.

Working alongside the local government and Visit Joplin, the World Street Painting Foundation will lead this three-year journey, transforming Joplin into a globally recognized centre of artistic innovation. This promises a spectacular transformation of the city, inviting everyone to partake in this artistic adventure.

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