Route 66 Centennial

Route 66 with 3D artists

Mark your calendars for 2026 because we’re gearing up for a huge celebration: the Route 66 Centennial! But the fun begins even earlier with the World Street Painting Festival’s 3D artworks hitting Joplin’s streets in 2024. Catch amazing artists like Naomi Haverland, Nate Baranowski, and Chris Carlsson setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration two years later.

Spanning eight states across the country, including Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, Route 66 is a must-see for any traveller’s bucket list. Along the way, you’ll encounter breath-taking landscapes, charming motels, vintage gas stations, and classic diners filled with fascinating people and stories.

Right in the heart of America, where Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma meet, lies the city of Joplin. And in 2026, Joplin will be the epicentre of festivities as we celebrate the Route 66 Centennial in style. 

So, save the date and prepare to join us in Joplin for an unforgettable celebration of the Route 66 Centennial in 2026! But don’t wait until then to experience the magic – come see the World Street Painting Festival’s incredible 3D artworks in 2024, setting the stage for the excitement to come.

world street painting

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The start

The Cornell Complex is the ideal spot to immerse yourself in the magic of 3D Street Painting in downtown Joplin. In collaboration with the Joplin City Council and Visit Joplin,

3D street art

This year, it all begins with an amazing display of 3D art that goes beyond the usual, inviting everyone to dive into the magic of height, width, and depth and

Route along 7 street paintings in downtown International artists of World Street Painting transform Apeldoorn into a center full of 3D artworks. After several successful editions, World Street Painting is