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International artists of World Street Painting transform Apeldoorn into a center full of 3D artworks. After several successful editions, World Street Painting is this year’s first guest in Apeldoorn, Arnhem and Rotterdam. As an official side event of the Women’s Volleyball World Cup, the artists will get the public moving in the artworks with the theme POWER. And everyone can hop, sprint, run track, long jump or high jump in the Painted Street Games on the route.  

This week in Apeldoorn was the kickoff. Several artists from all over the world have created a 3D Street Painting in the streets of the city center. Until Saturday, July 2, you can watch LIVE how the works are created On Sunday, July 3, the artworks are ready and everyone can participate in the street paintings by posing and having your picture taken. The 3D Street Paintings can be seen 24 hours a day for free until Oct. 31.

Get photographed in the 3D Street Paintings by our international artists:

Ossama Nasr (SYR)
Title: Team of dolphins
In cooperation with the dolphins you take care of the different games. Make the dolphin jump through the hoop or catch the ball that balances the dolphin. Become one with the dolphin and their games.

Aziz Elgart (MAR)
Title: Women volleyball
Help your fellow player on the Dutch team take on the raging ball flying over the net.

Roberto Carlos Treviño Rodriguez (MEX)
Title: The big volleyball
Become one with the volleyball and feel how strong power the ball has that even the ground breaks.

Gregor Wosik (POL)
Title: Extreme actions
Enter the volleyball court and become part of the extreme defensive and offensive actions in the game of volleyball.

Nate Baranowski (USA)
Title: Strike
Join the volleyball ladies in the Apeldoorn volleyball court full of Electrifying lightning.

Kerim Musanovic (BIH)
Title: Snakes don’t play
Stand on the pillar and play volleyball along, but watch out for the colorful, dangerous and strong snake!

Jan Riggins (USA)
Fly along with the strong bird and work together in the sky.


World Street Painting is a festival where art is made live in front of you on the street. It focuses on the making process and the 3D artwork. Since 2014 Foundation World Street Painting organizes an annual festival in Arnhem and other cities around the world. Street Painting is an effective way to communicate a theme or art in the city to a wide audience in an accessible way. In 3D Street Painting, audiences can take a seat and be part of the illusion. Photography of people in different poses in the artworks provide interaction with the art form.


World Street Painting is an official side event of the Women’s Volleyball World Cup 2022. The World Cup will take place from September 23 to October 15 in Arnhem, Rotterdam and Apeldoorn. Tickets and info: >>> wkvolleybal.nl

FIVB Volleybal World Championship. It’s electrifying! 

The World Street Painting summer with editions in Apeldoorn, Arnhem (7 to 10 July) and Rotterdam (14 to 17 July) is made possible thanks to the support of the Province of
Gelderland, NEVOBO, Sigma Coatings, Municipality of Arnhem, Municipality of Apeldoorn, Rotterdam Topsport, Sportbedrijf Rotterdam, Rotterdam Make it Happen, Apeldoorn Partners and Dit is Arnhem.  

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