Naomi Haverland‘s lifelong passion for art has led her to become an expert in both large-scale murals and street paintings, which she has been creating since 2011. Her unique style combines humor and hyper-realism to create stunning, lifelike images that capture the imagination of her audience. Her works have been commissioned by big names such […]


Rianne has always had a passion for drawing and painting, and she also loves entrepreneurship. She is making her dreams come true as a street artist. In the summer of 2017 during World Street Painting, Rianne was first introduced to 3D street painting. She liked this so much that she started her own business as […]


Jean-Marc Navello began his career as an Art Director at an advertising agency. He later continued as a designer for movie posters, which introduced him to and discovered his passion for large-format design. His other passion, drawing, led him to step up to become an illustrator and freelance graphic designer. In 2010, Jean-Marc Navello Madonnaro […]


Marion Ruthardt is an artist from Germany. It started for her with a love for 2D chalk-art. Today she specializes in 3D street art, with which she flies around the world. Her dream: “to take a plane to Syria to participate in a chalk competition in Damaskus.” Marion is a solo artist, but continues to […]