With the 3D street art, a route was created through the center of Neuwied, turning the city center into a large meeting that connects cultures. Enjoy and meet in a 3D Street Painting and be photographed in a true illusion until Sept. 30.

Discover the works of art:

Fabio Fedele (ITA)


Become part of the painting next to the prehistoric man and the peacock. See how the modern object ‘balloon sculpture’ is being made out of stone. You will represent the modern age, genetic and cultural heritage.

Naomi Haverland (USA)

‘Keep the ball rolling’

Play with the pinball machine! “A pinball machine robot represents the pinball machine museum in Neuwied. The robot bears the phrase ‘keep the ball rolling!’ as an idiom to signify continuous progress without rest. Its style is designed to reflect my own identity.”

Roberto Carlos Treviño Rodriguez (MEX)
Langendorfer Strasse

‘Catrina visits Neuwied’

Connect yourself with Mexican culture via the doll La Catrina, which stands for Mexico’s iconic Day of the Dead. What do you see from Neuwied? Celebrate both cultures in this 3D artwork.

Jean Marc Navello (FRA)
Langendorfer Strasse

‘Currywurst Français’

The fancy visual of the typical German dish Currywurst is the connection between French culture and German culture. This popular dish was revisited by a French chef so it’s also a French dish. Find it out yourself and try it by grabbing the fork by its paintbrush.

Canaco Matsumóto (JAP)

‘Prosperous coexistence’

Accept and welcome each other and also become part of the ‘Prosperous coexistence’. “Peacock has an aspect as a symbol of prosperity. I chose the traditional design from Japan to decorate and give an acceptable feeling from both different types of peacock.”

Rianne te Kaat (NL)
Engerser Strasse

‘Dutch icons’

Help to dig up the Dutch icons Nijntje, Boerenbond, and Mondriaan and bring them to Neuwied’s archaeological center.

Melina Berg (GER)
Engerser Strasse

‘Neuwied garden gnomes’

Stand in between the garden gnomes who represent the Schräjer from Neuwied, the German food culture and arts culture. Do you see the wine? It’s because Neuwied is a wine region. Also the gnome with the paint represents not only the arts culture, also the artist herself Melina. Dressed in hiking clothes the gnome is ready to hike in the area.

Jan Riggins (USA)
‘Armchair environmentalists’

Sit in the armchair and see the world, find the connection with the animals. “Our culture centers around creating art together, specifically focusing on animals. I have a unique mix of creatures like snakes, rats, cats, and bees. I painted my armchair in 3D. You can explore and support animal conservation, while cherishing memories of past artistic endeavors with Barbary Lions and barn owls like I do back home.”

Marion Ruthardt (GER)
Engerser Strasse

‘Viking attack’

Stand on the stones and meet the Vikings. A long time ago the Vikings stopped here after a long journey and survived in the castles. Balance on the stones of the castle.

Kerim Musanovic (BIH)


Find your home on the bridge that connects the architecture of the two houses. Right from Bosnia and Herzegovina, left the architecture of Germany. The canyon under the bridge represents the place where the artist Kerim was born, but also the river Rhine here in Neuwied. The structure has the shape of the letter ‘H’ of ‘Home’.


Neuwied is located in Germany, in the attractive landscape of the Rhine and Wied rivers at the foothills of the Westerwald. The town is known for its vibrant diversity and for everyone to enjoy. There is much to discover in the old surrounding neighborhoods and villages. Experience it for yourself while visiting the 3D street art in the city center.


World Street Painting is a festival where the art is created live in front of you, on the street. With the 3D artworks, people and art come together on the street. Photograph yourself in the artwork, created by the greatest international artists, and be a part of it yourself.

Sinds 2014 organiseert Stichting World Street Painting jaarlijks een festival in Arnhem en andere steden in de wereld. Street Painting is een effectieve manier om een ​​thema of kunst in de stad op een toegankelijke manier over te brengen op een breed publiek.

Deze eerste editie van World Street Painting in Duitsland wordt georganiseerd samen met Stadtverwaltung Neuwied – Amt für Stadtmarketing met de steun van de Bundesministerin für Wohnen, Stadtentwicklung en Bauwesen.

world street painting

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